Growing Succulents 101

Succulents are fun and low maintenance plants.

Try these easy plants in your office, bedroom or living room.

To get you started I’m going to list a few tips to help you keep them heathy.

1. Water less than you think.

Succulents do not need much water to stay alive and generally prefer sandy, well drained soil.

Cactus or succulent soils are available in most stores, but you can certainly make your own blend.

Use a pot that has drainage holes and won’t hold water.

WARNING! Excess water will kill a succulent in a matter of days.

2. Make sure they get plenty of light.

When any plant isn’t getting enough light you,ll start to notice that it isn’t growing as well or seems to be showing signs of stress.

If you start noticing your succulents are getting “leggy” or have very long stems with few leaves then you should get it to an area with more light.

3. Leave them alone.

These plants thrive on neglect.

Aside from watering when necessary and giving them plenty of light there isn’t much else you can do besides enjoy this beautiful, unique plant.

4. Propagate your succulents.

It is very easy to get several new plants from one mother plant.

All you’ll need is a leaf, some soil, rooting powder, a small pot and patience.

These plants make fantastic gifts, just keep in mind that these plants grow slowly.

While rooting a succulent cutting is very easy it will be awhile before you see any substantial growth.

Thank you for reading!

If you would like to read a more in-depth post about succulents be sure to check out my post on caring for and propagating succulents.

If there is a plant that you’d like to know more about be sure to request it in the comments.


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